Brighton Cove


“If ever I were to leave home, Brighton would be my destination!” – Uther Sharp

Brighton is indeed the most recognized place in these islands. It was originally an outpost for Brightkeep’s scholars when the islands were first “discovered”. At the beginning of the year, Brighton was home to some 5,000 souls. After recent developments it is now bursting at the seams, almost doubling in size.

Brighton has a variety of shops and stores that are able to fulfill anyones needs. Tailors, Fletchers, Blacksmiths and masters of all types of cuisine are starting to flock to the Islands in search of a new start.

The outer wall and streets are made of Feldspar, a white stone found exclusively on the island. Several ancient quarries were found to the south and west of the Golden Gate.

“That stone is full of natural magic! Hardest stone I’ve ever come across in all my years of digging. The only thing that can shape the damned stuff is magic! The weirdest thing is that it glows faintly in the dark when exposed to natural sunlight. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve managed to secure a new quarry. Looking to ship this back home to Aestonia, and make a nice profit!” – Gunther Resea; Proprietor of Resea Mining, Co.


Brighton Cove

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